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The problem of acute wound healing

Acute wounds are those that heal primarily within 6 weeks; thus, in a relatively short period of time, with no significant complications. They include all wounds ranging from small abrasions to the destruction of parts of the body. They are most frequently caused by trauma, eventually surgical procedures.

Are you interested in the healing of - mechanical injuries (abrasions, lacerations and cuts, surgical wounds, plastic surgery wounds), thermal injuries (1st and 2nd degree burns), minor skin injuries (cold sores, blisters, cracked mouth corners and other fissures)

Minor skin injuries

Various excoriations, abrasions and cuts rank among the most frequent minor injuries. This group also includes blisters, cold sores, cracked mouth corners etc. These all involve the disruption of skin or mucosa continuity leading to a change of anatomical structure and function. As these injuries occur most frequently on the hands, feet and face, minimisation of scar development is also important.

HemaGel is just the ideal means for healing such wounds, as it forms an elastic layer on their surface, separating the wound from the external environment. Thanks to its composition, HemaGel does not penetrate into the body but acts only on the surface of the wound. It may thus be used even by pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. HemaGel is favoured not only by children because compared to commonly used agents it does not adhere the dressing to the wound and thus changing the dressing is painless.

Cold sores are certainly not an agreeable thing. Moreover, at the time the blisters start bursting, there is a risk of virus transmission, which is why rapid treatment is the best solution. HemaGel represents a unique means of removing cold sores. Although it is not an anti-virotic and it cannot cure the cause of this infection, HemaGel significantly decreases pain, accelerates the treatment of these small wounds and prevents the formation of scabs and scars. Cold sores and all their associated disagreeable symptoms thus disappear within a very short time.

The healing of cold sores, aphthae or cracked mouth corners is moreover very comfortable as the elastic layer separates the sensitive site from the external environment, no scab forms so there is no subsequent painful cracking. Additionally, the small package of HemaGel fits neatly into any handbag or pocket, so you can always have it on hand as first aid.

How is HemaGel applied?

Is it possible to use HemaGel on a cold sore in pregnant women?
Yes, HemaGel may be applied to cold sores even in pregnancy with no problem, as it has positive effects, acts only on the surface of the wound, does not penetrate into the organism and thus has no side effects on the mother or foetus.

Can HemaGel be used on aphthae of the mouth?
Yes, it can also be used on aphthae of the mouth.

Does HemaGel help in the treatment of acne induced scars?
Older scars induced by acne cannot be healed with HemaGel, as this must be applied on fresh wounds.

Is it necessary to use a dressing when applying HemaGel on acne?
It is not necessary to apply a dressing on acne. Dressings are only used on those parts of the body where the gel could be inadvertently wiped off.

May I apply HemaGel over make-up when treating acne?
HemaGel heals only cleansed tissue and thus it is not appropriate to use it below make-up.

Is HemaGel also effective on milder forms of acne, e.g. small boils or scratched pimples?
Yes, HemaGel also helps in milder forms of acne.

Is it possible to apply HemaGel directly on the oral cavity mucosa?
Yes, HemaGel may be applied on the oral cavity mucosa.


The development of blisters is not an unusual occurrence- all you have to do is buy a new pair of shoes. The pressure exerted by unused shoes leads to swelling of the feet and then all it takes is a small movement during which the skin is torn from the dermis. At that moment, the space between the upper layer of the skin and dermis is filled by tissue fluid, whose function is to protect the tissue below it. Nonetheless, if the blister is damaged and the fluid seeps out, the wound is no longer protected and there is a risk of infection and damage to the new skin. At this moment, a number of people wrongly think that they can achieve better healing results if they expose the wound to fresh air and allow a scab to form. Clinical tests, though, have demonstrated that a much more effective treatment is so-called “moist” wound healing. With the help of HemaGel, which does not desiccate the wound, and thanks to the patented substance that decreases painfulness and accelerates healing, treatment of blisters is currently simpler and faster.

How is HemaGel applied?

Injuries, surgical wounds and scars

Injuries are the unpleasant consequences of our sports, gardening or hobby activities, our carelessness and sometimes of simply bad luck. Whether the wound is treated at home or whether it requires surgery, follow-up care is very important. HemaGel is ideal for this purpose, helping in all types of wounds, accelerating the healing process and ameliorating the aesthetic consequences of the wound.

Surgical wounds and other surgical interventions on the organism are associated with inflammation that often manifests as oedema of the wound and pain. Post-surgical care is thus just as important as the operation itself. HemaGel successfully applies the so-called “moist” healing process in the treatment of various types of wounds or skin damage, including surgical wounds, and it thus accelerates overall post-surgical regeneration. Another positive aspect is the significant reduction in the size of scars or eventually their complete smoothing out.

How is HemaGel applied?

I split my head, lip and chin during a fall. Can I use HemaGel even on sutured wounds with the sutures still in place?
Yes, you can use HemaGel even on such wounds. We recommend that you begin applying HemaGel immediately.

Does HemaGel have any effect on keloid scars?
Yes, HemaGel smoothes out these scars. We recommend that the product be used for at least 14 days.

Is it possible to use HemaGel on closed scars, older than 15 days?
We recommend that you try this option. HemaGel acts best on fresh scars and the effect on healed scars need not be as successful. Nonetheless, we recommend that you try HemaGel, as even in such cases the scar could be partially smoothed out and the skin could return to its natural pigmentation ...

Can HemaGel be used on a fresh surgical wound on which a scab has formed? Is it necessary to eventually remove this scab?
You may apply HemaGel on fresh surgical wounds with no worry. Nonetheless, we do not recommend the removal of scabs. In such cases, do not be sparing in your application of HemaGel on the wound. Seeing that moist healing is involved, the scabs should partially peel off after twelve hours.

Can I use HemaGel on a fresh surgical wound?
HemaGel may be used on any type of surgical wound/scar.

My surgical wound is healing very poorly after the operation. Pus has been forming around the wound for three days and this has to be cleansed with hydrogen peroxide, Could HemaGel help?
Yes, HemaGel should help if you apply it three times a day to the wound.

Can HemaGel also be used to heal the hole left by a tracheostomy?
Yes, HemaGel should be effective even in such cases.

Can HemaGel be used on an infected wound, which is at the same time being treated with antibiotics?
It is certainly possible to use HemaGel in such cases. It is nonetheless necessary to continue with the antibiotic treatment as HemaGel accelerates healing and cicatrisation, but it does not have antibacterial effects.

My perineum and a perianal fissure were stitched after delivery. I have another scar between the anus and vagina. Can I use HemaGel for wound healing even in this area?
You can start treatment immediately. HemaGel is also suitable for the treatment of the injuries that you have described. There is no problem with using the gel on the genitals.

Is it possible to apply HemaGel on scars in the area of the eyelid and to thus decrease their conspicuousness?
There should be no problem with its application on the eyelid. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of the gel.

Can I apply HemaGel on a surgical scar in a small child?
Yes, naturally. HemaGel has a positive healing effect, it does not penetrate into the organism and acts only on the surface of the wound. Therefore, it has no side effects.

Is it necessary to wipe off the old layer of the gel before every new application of HemaGel?
We recommend that this layer be washed off if HemaGel has been in place for more than ten hours and then to apply a new layer of HemaGel.

Is it possible to remove scars completely with the aid of HemaGel?
In such cases, the effect of HemaGel should not be overestimated. The scar will certainly be less conspicuous but we cannot promise you any miracles unfortunately.


Burns are very serious injuries. Especially extensive burns are characterised by very painful, long-term and demanding treatment; a very high mortality and frequent permanent consequences. Burns may be caused by fire, electricity, chemicals, boiling liquids or UV radiation.

Hemagel is a suitable agent for the rapid healing of wounds induced by burns – 1st and 2nd degree burns. It accelerates the healing process, prevents wound desiccation and precludes the formation of scars. In lower degree burns, its application may lead to the complete smoothing out of the scar.

The effects of HemaGel were tested at one of the most prominent clinics in the Czech Republic, the Clinic of Burns Medicine of the Královské Vinohrady Teaching Hospital in Prague.

„Its positive effects are potentiated by the binding of undesirable oxygen radicals, the maintenance of an optimal pH in the wound and the provision of moisture to the wound , thus preventing its desiccation. It significantly decreases wound painfulness and during the healing process softens and improves the appearance of the subsequent scar. Another advantage is that it does not contain antibiotics nor any other components of biological origin."

How is HemaGel applied?

Is it possible to use HemaGel on 3rd degree burns?
HemaGel is recommended for 1st and 2nd degree burns. 3rd degree burns are so serious that their treatment should always be consulted with a specialist. In lower degree burns, it is very important to apply HemaGel on clean tissue and necrotic tissue must be removed very thoroughly and carefully.

Can I apply HemaGel on 2nd degree burns in a six year old child?
You can certainly apply HemaGel on burns. HemaGel was originally developed specifically for burns and we have good clinical experience with their treatment. Patient age plays no role in treatment. Thanks to its unique characteristics, no active substances penetrate the wound, remaining on the surface bound to the polymer that constitutes the gel.

Can HemaGel help even in the treatment of older minor scars following burns?
HemaGel heals best fresh and old wounds. Unfortunately, it does not help in the case of old and healed scars.

The exceptional medical device Hemagel owes its unique structure and efficacy to the scientists from Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry.

Cesta k získání patentu
Makromolekulární ústav AV ČR

The results of clinical tests and studies have confirmed that HemaGel is a highly effective hydrophilic gel patch suitable for a wide range of skin wounds.

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Applying HemaGel

As HemaGel may be used to treat a wide range of wounds that vary in their extent, severity and causes, the correct application of HemaGel or frequency of dressing changes may differ.

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HemaGel PROCTO suppositories are used as a supportive treatment of haemorrhoids and other rectal diseases such as painful skin cracks (anal fissures) and tears in the anal skin and mucosa (anal rhagades).

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