How does one proceed when applying HemaGel?

Every type of wound demands a specific approach-for details refer to the HEMAGEL APPLICATION section. The standard approach may be summarised in several basic steps. First, the wound must be cleansed and slightly dried using sterile gauze. Next, apply an appropriate layer of HemaGel to the wound and cover it by a non-absorptive dressing. It is then sufficient to lightly wash the wound once a day, ridding it thus of the layer of old gel and then to apply a new layer, again protecting it with a non-absorptive dressing.

How often should the gel be applied to the wound?

Further applications as needed, every 24-48 hours.

What exactly is meant by non-absorptive dressing?

You may use, for example, the non-absorptive dressing retention tape Hypafix® from Laboratories FISCH or Omnipor, Omniflex, Omnimed from Hartmann or dressing material from Braun or Johnson&Johnson.

What is the smoothest and least painful method for removing HemaGel from the skin?

HemaGel can be easily removed by washing the wound with warm water.

Should the affected site be covered once the gel is applied?

If there is a risk of the gel being wiped off (e.g. by clothing), you must cover the wound with a non-absorptive dressing and then tape or wrap it.

Are there any special conditions for storing the gel?

Like every medical agent, HemaGel must be kept out of the reach of children. In view of its high water content, HemaGel must not be exposed to temperatures below freezing point. The ice crystals could damage its macromolecular structure, which would eliminate its efficacy.

My son suffered second degree burns, he´s six years old. Can I use this product? And how often can I apply it on the affected site?

HemaGel was originally developed specifically for burns and experience with it in this indication has been good. Patient age is not important. You may start applying the gel on the affected site immediately. You must ensure that the gel is not wiped off and eventually cover the site with non-absorptive tape or dressing. If an absorptive material was to be placed on the wound, most of the gel would be absorbed and the expected effect would not materialise

Is HemaGel available only on prescription?

No, HemaGel is available over the counter in pharmacies.

Is HemaGel suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers?

Yes, HemaGel may be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers as the active substances act only within the wound and do not penetrate into the circulation.

Is there an age limit? Can children use HemaGel?

This hydrophilic gel for the acceleration of wound healing may be used for all age categories.

What are the side effects of HemaGel?

No side effects were found during clinical testing. No allergic reactions, increased pain or any other contraindications have been documented.

Materials relating to HemaGel also include information about its positive effect in the treatment of cold sores. But this is a viral disease; so how can HemaGel help in its treatment?

Although cold sores are a viral disease, they manifest as a wound. HemaGel thus does not treat the cause of the cold sore but helps during the healing of its manifestations.

What package sizes of HemaGel are available on the market?

HemaGel is sold in packages of 5 g and 30 g.

Is it available in all pharmacies?

HemaGel is generally available in all pharmacies. If a concrete pharmacy does not have it on offer, it may order it via the pharmacy distributor within 24 hours.

What is meant exactly by the wound base on which HemaGel should be applied?

This is the bottom layer of tissue in the wound. HemaGel heals only living tissue and is not effective if remnants of necrotic tissue, e.g. scabs, are present.

How should one proceed in the case of skin abrasions on the back?

The wound must first be washed with warm water. This will rid it of mechanical impurities. Next, a layer of HemaGel is applied and covered by non-absorptive dressing. Before every subsequent application, the wound must again be washed with warm water in order to rid it of the old layer of HemaGel. A new layer of the gel is then applied.

Is it possible to use HemaGel in the case of slowly and inadequately healing open wounds?

Yes, HemaGel may be used once the dead tissue is thoroughly removed, Preferably this should be done at a specialist medical institution.

If a non-absorptive dressing is not available, is it possible to cover the wound with a plastic bag and bandage it?

A plastic bag is definitely unsuitable. Apply a layer of gel to the attained area and cover with sterile gauze.

After how long does HemaGel begin to act and after how long is the abrasion healed.

HemaGel acts immediately, calming the wound and cooling it. Healing is individual and depends on the size of the wound. In general, though, it is shorter by 40-60% compared to classical treatment.

My cheek and chin have excoriations following an injury. If I were to apply HemaGel, would I have to wash the skin before every new application?

If you leave the gel on the skin until completely dry, nothing will happen. You can naturally wash the skin, but we recommend that you do so very gently.

Is it possible to use HemaGel also on the skin that appears once the scab has peeled off?

Yes, this soft new skin should also be treated with HemaGel until the wound has healed completely.

Applying HemaGel

As HemaGel may be used to treat a wide range of wounds that vary in their extent, severity and causes, the correct application of HemaGel or frequency of dressing changes may differ.

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The results of clinical tests and studies have confirmed that HemaGel is a highly effective hydrophilic gel patch suitable for a wide range of skin wounds.

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