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How to treat the wound quickly and easily.

HemaGel® is a class IIb medical device that offers a unique wound-healing solution for both acute wounds, such as cutting wounds, abrasions, first degree burns, minor injuries at home or during sports or games, and chronic wounds, such as leg ulcers caused by disorders of the venous or arterial system, chronic wounds in diabetes patients, bedsores, postoperative wounds and other types of skin damage. Exceptional properties of HemaGel® are supported by a wet environment during the treatment of wounds. Stable humidity in the wound prevents the formation of scabs, thereby accelerating the healing process.


It was demonstrated in clinical trials that HemaGel®, due to its properties:
  • Chemically binds oxygen radicals produced during the inflammatory processes
  • Supports optimal pH in the wound, thereby contributing to the healing process
  • The proven gel structure prevents the release of gel particles into the wound and subsequent irritation (no gel drying)
  • Provides moisture to the wound
  • Prevents wound from drying and scab formation
  • Due to its absorption capacity, it helps to clean the wound
  • Reduces wound pain
  • Prevents excessive scarring, if applied early


HemaGel® is a hydrophilic methacrylate gel based on a crosslinked 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate copolymer containing polymer-bound sterically shielded amino groups, developed by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.


  • Clean the wound from mechanical dirt, such as dust particles, residues of previous curative materials that could irritate and damage the wound.
  • Open the tube by piercing using the inverted cap.
  • Spread a thin layer of gel (about 1 mm) over the whole wound base area with a slight overlap on healthy skin. The gel will adhere to the wound base and gradually absorb secretions and other fluid from the wound.
  • Cover the wound with a non-absorbent material (for example, tulle grass available in the pharmacy) and then fix it with a bandage or a gauze square and patch. Tiny wounds after applying the gel should be covered with a plaster. Fixation materials must extend about 1 cm across the edge of the wound.
  • Patients with prescribed compression therapy should have the treatment supplemented with a short-stretch bandage according to the instructions of the treating physician.
  • The effect of the gel is swelling. The unique gel technology prevents sticking to the wound and allows for very easy and painless removal by gentle scrubbing or rinsing.
  • Change the dressing as needed after 12 to 48 hours. Consider the condition of the wound and leakage of the secondary cover or proceed according to the instructions of the treating physician. For chronic wounds, a longer interval of up to 72 hours may be left between dressing changes.


Current practice and clinical trials have shown that a wet environment greatly accelerates the healing process, supports the division and movement of the cells in the wound. It also maintains a constant temperature in the wound, which is very important for good healing. For treatment of complicated and infected wounds, it is necessary to adhere to other treatment requirements, such as adequate nutrition, wound cleanliness, treatment of secondary diseases and adherence to doctor's instructions or advice.


No side effects, such as allergies, increased pain, etc., or any other contraindications, have been reported for HemaGel®.
Mild skin irritation in people with increased sensitivity, such as mild itching, is not an adverse reaction.


If adverse reactions occur (such as increased pain, redness, etc.), discontinue the therapy and contact your doctor. Keep away from children! Do not ingest! Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the tube. When using HemaGel® to treat the nipples of nursing mothers, wash thoroughly HemaGel® from the nipples before breastfeeding. Unused or expired product should be returned to the pharmacy.


Store in a dry place at 15-25°C.


A tube of 5 g, 30 g, or 100 g.


VH Pharma a.s., Jakubská 647/2, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic.

Date of revision of the text: 15 May 2017

Applying HemaGel

As HemaGel may be used to treat a wide range of wounds that vary in their extent, severity and causes, the correct application of HemaGel or frequency of dressing changes may differ.

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The results of clinical tests and studies have confirmed that HemaGel is a highly effective hydrophilic gel patch suitable for a wide range of skin wounds.

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How HemaGel works

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